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29 May 2012

MYLOOK - Hi Tops

I am so not a trainers girl, you only see them on my feet in the gym, but for some reason I've been coveting some hi tops for the last few months. Not the real trainer style ones, but a more girly style.

Finally on Sunday I secumbed, 1 because I found a pair I loved and 2 more because we were planning on walking up Table Mountain and I needed to suitable footwear!!!!

These were from Mr Price, the SA equivalent to Primark, and cost £9!!!! The perfect price for my first hi tops. I love them so much I now think I need some Converse in my life! How I have changed!!


  1. I've seen a few people rocking the high tops recently but I don't think I'll be able to pull them off : (


    1. I never thought I could, but think cos these are all black, and aren't as bulky, they're easier to wear. Fashion risks are good!!


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