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25 May 2012

Wardrobe Crisis!!

I've been sick this week, so have spent quite a lot of time online, either drooling all the gorgeous summer clothes from the UK stores, or reading about how hot the UK is on Facebook/Twitter/Blogs.  This is stressful in 3 ways: 1 - the weather here in Cape Town is dull and rainy, 2 - this makes most of my wardrobe useless, as loads of what I bought it high summer gear and 3 - I can't afford to buy new stuff as I'm not earnign at the moment due to visa issues!!

However, it has forced me to be more creative with the wardrobe I have, and I've tasked myself to put outfits together at least once a weerk that I've never worn before.  Its a challenge when 40% of your wardrobe is bikinis and little dresses when the weathers more Hunters and a winter coat, but it will be fun, and I will start to do outfit posts to document my year with the smallest wardrobe I've ever had!!!  There might be some crazy outfits, I might play safe, who knows, but know one knows me here, so what better legacy can I leave than being know as the Crazy English Chick with the fab (or mad!) wardrobe!!


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