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8 February 2016

STYLE: Red hair, don't care

Anyone who knows me, knows that for years I've been wanging on about doing my hair bright red, but its always just been talk.  Well that was until the other week, and I decided to go for it.  My friend Nicola is a hairdresser, and she had recently done hers and when I saw her, I knew I wanted mine done.  So from a conversation on Friday, to booking the appointment on Thursday to having it done on Saturday, it was all a bit of a whirlwind, but if I didn't do it that way, I would have backed out!! Some huge persuasion from one of my friends also helped, I think he wanted to see me as a redhead more than I did!

My hairs been every colour under the sun over the years, and has been varying shades of ombre for the last 4 or 5, mainly because I'm too lazy to keep going to the hairdressers, and ombre is a lazy girls best friend.  I wrote in this post, that I wanted to do something different back in September, and that I normally change my hair based on how I'm feeling, and I suppose changing my hair so dramatically signifies the start of some changes I'm making in my life both from a professional and personal perspective. 

Niks salon Great Lengths is in my local town (see her Facebook page here), so a very nervous me went along feeling sick to the stomach on Saturday afternoon to start the transformation.  Now doing this could easily have been the end of good friendship if I didn't like it, but I put 100% trust in Nik and I was not disappointed...... plus I know she wouldn't have done anything which wouldn't have suited me.............. although it didn't stop me have sweaty palms for 3 hours until the final reveal!

To ensure that the colour would take properly and evenly, the top part of my hair which was dark was lightened to blend more with my already blonde ends to ensure the best coverage.  The time I felt most sick was when I had blondy/ginger tinged roots, so the next stage of the pre pig was done VERY quickly...... I was past the point of no return by then anyway!  I'd taken in a picture of what I wanted but Nik thankfully talked me down from the brightest red and I chose this colour.

Once the colour had gone on I had serious butterflies..... what if I don't like it? what if it doesn't suit me? am I going to have to totally change by clothes and make up?....... millions of thoughts flashed through my mind.  I think I made Nik nervous by being so stressed, but in the end its hair, I could always change it back if I didn't like it.  Nik reassured me I'd love it all the way through, and I know she'd never have done it if she thought I couldn't carry it off.  Anyway, after 3 hours, it was ready, and I loved it immediately!

The result was really multi tonal, a great mix of the colours she used, and the many colours already in my hair, which made it look more natural, well if hair this colour could ever be thought of as natural!  Plus, my hair has never felt in better condition or looked so shiny.  I was worried about damage of such a strong colour after a lifetime of dying it, but there's non.  I've been using intense conditioners to help, but my hairs never been so soft, or looked so healthy.

It's strange how something as simple as your hair colour can change the way you think, feel and act.  I immediately felt like a superhero, and was forced to be more confident.  You can't have hair this colour and be a wall flower!  Its a huge difference, but I now can't see me going back to another colour anytime soon.

So, I'm a redhead now, lets go see if redheads have more fun!!  Thanks Nik for doing it, putting up with my stressing and never doubting thast I'd love it!


6 February 2016

LIFE: A New JustMeeDee

So, JustMeeDee's had a bit of a make over and so have I, but more about my makeover in a few days!  I've been wanting to get my blog redesigned for a long time, but it was one of those things which I never got round to doing, but at the start of the year I decided that I wanted to get back into blogging more so contacted the wonderful people at Pipdig and hey presto I got this great new layout!  I also bought myself a domain, which has given me a bit of a kick start to get back into writing.

The wonderful people at Pipdig set everything up for my layout and domain through Blogger, and all I had to do was get my blogging mojo back and produce some content.  I can't recommend Pipdig enough, they're super helpful, always on hand to answer a query about anything and their online guides are super useful, and easy to follow if you're rubbish at coding or anything technical like me! I'm mega pleased with the results, and looking forward to posting some great content as I've had a very exciting January and have some great things planned for the next few months.


15 December 2015

EATS: Cabana Brazilan Barbeque, Manchester

Warning - do not read this post if you're hungry, I'm now starving after writing it!!

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited along to the newly opened Cabana Brazilian Barbeque in Manchester’s Corn Exchange.  The Corn Exchange has undergone a radical revamp in the last year, changing from the shopping centre called the Triangle, to now being full of restaurants and bars.

Cabana opened a few months ago, and its ethos is “to share a bit of Brazil” with the Brazilian out look on life of “tudo bem” meaning everything’s good.  The huge space is a real onslaught to the senses, with bright colours, upcycled furniture (I definitely want a denim sofa in my house now!), neon lights, oil drums and even Subbuteo tables.  Having never been to Brazil, if this is what Rio looks like, I think I want to go!

We arrived at 4 after a day of shopping and in all honestly I was just glad to sit down.  There’s 2-4-1 cocktails on offer at all times, but I started with a Red Tail Parrot, a mix of Cachaça, strawberry & passionfruit purées and lime juice topped with Prosecco, as in all honesty, it takes a lot for me to turn down Prosecco, and I wasn’t disappointed.  

With that I ordered some Guaca-Molho, Cabanas take of guacamole if you couldn’t guess.  As someone who loves their guac spicy, this was just what I needed to fix my shopping weary body!

I was torn of what to order for main, but at the waiter’s recommendation, went for the steak in a chilli and cumin sauce, which came on a sword type skewer, which they serve at the table.  

I’ve got to say, it was gorgeous, really tender and flavoursome, and I fell in love with the Malagueta sauce which is on each table.  If you like spicy sauces, you need to try this!  The fries and beans that came with it made it a pretty perfect meal post shopping meal.

  However, I had total food envy at The Redeemer burger, a huge burger with Malagueta mayo, chimichurri, tomato and blackbeans in a brioche bun.  I’ll definitely be ordering that next time!  

Desert was the Cabana cheesecake, which I couldn’t eat cos of my nut allergy, but I’m told it was amazing.  I just had a wine as desert instead!

I’ll definitely be back at Cabana soon, in fact I want to work my way through the menu!  It’s a great place for a meal and cocktails with the girls, and its really chilled, but is definitely the kind of place you can get a bit raucous and they won’t mind!

Thanks to Mark and the team at Cabana for looking after us.  I’ll definitely be back, there’s 2-4-1 cocktails with my name on to drink!

7 December 2015

STYLE: Dream Outfit

I love Suki Waterhouse's 70s vibe look most of the time anyway, but I saw this image today, advertising the new Express Edition Collection (see whole collection here), and was instantly in love.  All black everything and a fedora.......... its my dream outfit.  Just wish I'd look half as good in it as Suki!!

Off to spend some money.  if you're interested to see what I've been buying recently, follow me on Instagram or Twitter (links in the side bar?


27 November 2015

STYLE: Black Friday

I seem to be starting every blog post these days with ‘I’m sorry I’ve not blogged for ages, but life has taken over’, but this time, it well and truly has. Life for the last 2 months has been nothing short of mad! Between my day job, some freelance writing and personal shopping, I’ve opened a PopUp shop/Showroom with 3 of my mates!! Its been one long hard slog, working 15 hour days and weekends, but we did it, and have had 2 mega successful weekends so far and 2 more to go. I’ll do a full post on it soon, as it’s been one of the best and craziest experiences of my life, but that’s why I’ve been MIA, I've not even seen or spoken to some of my friends for months, I'm sure they think I'm ignoring them!

Anyway, unless you’ve been hibernating, you’ll know today is Black Friday. I work in the Head Office of a retail chain, so we’ve been talking about this for nearly a year, so I'm pretty sick of it, but, despite knowing the mechanics of how it works, I’ll still be looking on all of the sites for a bargain later!

So, from one shopping addict to another, here’s my roundup of some of the best sales, and I'll keep adding to it throughout the day when I hear about more offers!


ASOS - 20% off everything – enter CYBER at Checkout
Topshop – 50% off selected lines
Selfridges – 20% off selected lines – enter SELFCCE at Checkout
Harvey Nichols – 25% off selected lines, and another 10% off if you are a Rewards Member (just download the app)
Missguided – 20% off everything – enter cyber20 at Checkout
Warehouse – up to 30% off everything
Rare- 30% off everything – enter BLACK30 at the checkout
Mango - 30% off everything – enter 5BLACK2015 at the checkout
All Saints - 30% off - enter CYBER at Checkout

Menswear (useful for Christmas presents for those men in your life!)

Selfridges – 20% off selected lines – enter SELFCCE at Checkout
Adidas – 20% off everything – enter BLACKFRIDAY at Checkout
END Clothing -20% off selected lines
All Saints - 30% off - enter CYBER at Checkout


Public Desire - 20% off everything – enter cyberbae at Checkout
Regal Rose - 20% off everything - enter BLACKFRIDAY at Checkout
Office - 20% off everything - enter SNOW at Checkout
Kurt Geiger - 20% off everything
La Moda - up to 60% off selected lines


Selfridges – 10% off – enter SELFCCE at Checkout
Harvey Nichols - 10% off selected lines

Happy Shopping!


11 September 2015

STYLE: Change My Hair, Change My Life!!

Anyone who read my last post(here)will know that I recently attended an event for hair extensions.  After having uber long, brunette, curly hair, even for a few hours, it got me thinking about trying something new.  My hair's been variations on ombré for the past few years, with me going blonder and blonder in the past few visits.  I'm lazy when it comes to my hair: for work during the week its normally in a pony tail, and at weekend is either down and straight or salt sprayed the hell out of for beachy waves.  Ombré is easy for me, as it takes no upkeep, meaning that I can go to the hairdressers as often or as little as I want, and seeing as I like the dirty, blonde, grown out look, this suits me down to the ground.

That said, this time I want to try something different.  I'm quite an emotional dresser/hair styler etc, and seem to switch things up either when things are going wrong to cheer me up, or when things are good to make a statement to myself.  I've spoken many times on here about having  a very up and down 18 months: losing one of my best friends to suicide and generally being let down by others, and having crisis of confidence and not feeling very good about myself as a result.  In the last few weeks a person who I cared about massively and who hasn't been in my life for a few months, re appeared.  After a bumpy start, I thought we could sort our friendship out, only for it to blow up in my face again.  Do any of you have people in your life that you love the bones of, but you just rub each other up the wrong way?  That's me and this person.  He's mega, one of the best people I know when he's on form; we're just like oil and water; even though we get each other inside out, we're not good for each other, despite trying everything to be mates over the past 18 months.

Anyway, back to hair!  This has made me want to try something totally different, to put the past 18 months behind me, and stop pining for things that I can't fix, and focus on the good things that I have in my life, cos there's a lot of them!.  I'd love a short choppy Caroline Flack esque bob, but with the thinnest hair on the planet, this will not work, so colour is prob my only option.  I'm thinking an ashy blonde but with some white tones thrown in, but having it all over with dirty roots.  Maybe have some peachy undertones in the bottom.  This hair style is a statement to myself, that things can change for the better, onwards and upwards and all that!

As the bracelet that I bought myself this week says "Be Brave & Keep Going".  The last 18 months have taught me I'm stronger than I think, and its now all about looking forward, starting with a new do tomorrow! 

Here's my current inspo, what do you think?  However, I've just seen Sienna Millers new red hair and am now thinking the Emma Stone/Sienna look may be the way forward!!

I'd love your thoughts!!


9 September 2015

LIFE: KokoCouture Blogger Event

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Koko Couture Blogger event by the lovely guys at Manchester fashion Industry, which was at the lovely Tea 4/2 in Manchester, to showcase their new line of hair extensions and 1/2 head wigs.  In my younger days, I had extensions and hair pieces in every colour under the sun (cringing at the bright red pony tail I used to wear!), so I was excited to try this again. 

I arrived on my own at Tea 4/2 and was late after being stuck in traffic on the M62 (my daily bind). One of my favourite things about being a blogger in Manchester is the feeling of community.  Walking into a place knowing no one, and leaving having spoken to some great girls, is a fab feeling. Tea 4/2 is a cute little cafe/restaurant which I've been to many times, and was great venue for this event with amazing cocktails and cute cake aplenty.

Anyway, back to the point of the evening!  Koko Couture were showcasing their new range of hair pieces.  My hair is extremely thin, and no matter how much product I use, its impossible to get any sort of volume, so I was excited about the opportunity to have thicker and longer locks.  My hair is a very grown out ombre (roll on Saturday when I get it done again), but is very high dyed and very white compared to my natural hair which is quite dark.  Because of this, the strip extensions were impossible to match, so a half wig was suggested.  I love wigs, but had never heard of a half wig, so, willing to try anything and take advice from the experts, I let the lovely girls from Koko Couture loose on my locks.  The half head wig is attached by internal combs just above the crown, and so is matched to your root colour, and the front of your hair styled to cover the joins.  As the front of my hair is very blonde, the join was more obvious on my hair, but seeing as I had my trusty fedora with me, once that was on it looked fab!

The hair feels very natural, and in all honesty, I spent most of the evening looking at the other girls, wondering who had hair pieces in, and who had their natural hair!  I'll definitely be trying other styles and colours once I've decide what my next hair doo will be.  There were some amazing, bright strip extensions in natural hair which I'd love to use.  The world is my hair oyster!!

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Koko Couture for an amazing evening, and for my new locks and amazing clutch bag.  I was well and truly spoilt.

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