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25 August 2016

LIFE: Manchester Three Rivers Gin Distillery

Last week saw the launch of Manchester Three Rivers Distillery; and I was lucky enough to be invited down to it.  Anyone who reads this blog, or follows me on IG or Twitter knows that I’m partial to a good Gin and Tonic, so I jumped at the change when I was invited down by Dave and the team.

Three Rivers Gin is an amazing craft gin created by Master Distiller Dave Rigby, a proud Mancunian, which is something which can be seen in his choices for the taste and also the actual distillery.  Dave wanted to create something to put Manchester on the map (not that we need it!), but Three Rivers tells a story of Manchester and its people.  It’s the first to be created in the city centre, is created in house in the distillery which is located on Red Bank; an area known for industry, innovation and creation in the past, and close to the banks of the 3 rivers of the city, hence the name!  Anyone who follows me will know I love the city I live in, I think its one of the best places in the world with the most amazing people, so to see a brand and its ambassadors being as passionate about the city I love, made my heart soar!

Now onto the most important bit…...... the gin itself!!  The gin is distilled in a 450 litre copper pot, in house, and is a blend of 11 botanicals, based around the mid palette with sweetness derived from vanilla, cinnamon, almond and oats.  Now, I’m a bit of a gin snob, after going to numerous gin festivals with my Gin Twin Kate (she blogs about gin so check her out here), so I know what I like (usually something bourbon infused or peppery), so the cardamom notes in this were great for me, and I loved it.  Served with cherries (which I’ve NEVER seen before, and I’ve drank a lot of gin!), it was one of the smoothest gins I’ve ever tasted.  I liked it that much I bought a bottle on the night, and in all honesty, its nearly all gone!  You can buy the gin at Hanging Ditch in Manchester and Grape and Grain in Prestwich, and as of yesterday in Majestic Wines.  If you live in Manchester, I know that Allotment Bar and Manchester House are serving it, so get yourself down there and try it, I promise it’ll be worth it!

The unique thing about Manchester Three Rivers, is that its not just a gin brand; Dave and the team have created a whole interactive experience at the distillery, where you can get a tour of the premises, see how the gin is made, and most exciting, go to Gin School and create your own craft gin!  Tickets are £95, which I know sounds expensive, but when you think you walk away with a 100% unique to you 700ml bottle of craft gin (you’d easily pay £40 for a good gin in a store), and 4 G&T’s or gin cocktails (at Manchester prices, that easily another £40!), the price doesn’t sound that bad.  And you never know, your gin might be that good that you can start your own brand…………. Dave says he got his flavour right first time, so you might be the next Master Distiller of Manchester!

To find out more, visit the website here or check them out on Twitter



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