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14 February 2016

LIFE: Anti Valentine

I hate Valentine's Day ....... there, I've said it.

And that's not the thoughts of some bitter singleton, more of a hopeless romantic! Out of all my friends, I'm the one who has the most romanticised dreams, I believe in soul mates, and that there's one person who is the other piece of your jigsaw...... you can be lucky and meet them and spend your life with them, or you can meet them at 80 and spend a short time being deliriously happy.  I'm not one for outpourings of love and PDA's, to me love is about the little things you do for someone. Sending a message so it's the 1st thing you see in the morning, sending you songs cos it reminds them of you, running you a bath after a hard day, or buying you a bar of chocolate on their way home. I'm always the one who pushes my friends to keep trying at relationships, as if there's any chance to not thrown love away you shouldn't.

And that's why I hate Valentine's Day.  If someone only tells you they love you and spoils you for one day, you've got a problem in my opinion.  I'd rather not have a card, roses or chocolates on 14th February and have someone send me a love heart eyes emoji in the middle of the day as a surprise any day!

So, from a hopeless romantic who hates Valentine's Day, I hope you have a great day............... just don't make it only about 1 day.



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