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8 February 2016

STYLE: Red hair, don't care

Anyone who knows me, knows that for years I've been wanging on about doing my hair bright red, but its always just been talk.  Well that was until the other week, and I decided to go for it.  My friend Nicola is a hairdresser, and she had recently done hers and when I saw her, I knew I wanted mine done.  So from a conversation on Friday, to booking the appointment on Thursday to having it done on Saturday, it was all a bit of a whirlwind, but if I didn't do it that way, I would have backed out!! Some huge persuasion from one of my friends also helped, I think he wanted to see me as a redhead more than I did!

My hairs been every colour under the sun over the years, and has been varying shades of ombre for the last 4 or 5, mainly because I'm too lazy to keep going to the hairdressers, and ombre is a lazy girls best friend.  I wrote in this post, that I wanted to do something different back in September, and that I normally change my hair based on how I'm feeling, and I suppose changing my hair so dramatically signifies the start of some changes I'm making in my life both from a professional and personal perspective. 

Niks salon Great Lengths is in my local town (see her Facebook page here), so a very nervous me went along feeling sick to the stomach on Saturday afternoon to start the transformation.  Now doing this could easily have been the end of good friendship if I didn't like it, but I put 100% trust in Nik and I was not disappointed...... plus I know she wouldn't have done anything which wouldn't have suited me.............. although it didn't stop me have sweaty palms for 3 hours until the final reveal!

To ensure that the colour would take properly and evenly, the top part of my hair which was dark was lightened to blend more with my already blonde ends to ensure the best coverage.  The time I felt most sick was when I had blondy/ginger tinged roots, so the next stage of the pre pig was done VERY quickly...... I was past the point of no return by then anyway!  I'd taken in a picture of what I wanted but Nik thankfully talked me down from the brightest red and I chose this colour.

Once the colour had gone on I had serious butterflies..... what if I don't like it? what if it doesn't suit me? am I going to have to totally change by clothes and make up?....... millions of thoughts flashed through my mind.  I think I made Nik nervous by being so stressed, but in the end its hair, I could always change it back if I didn't like it.  Nik reassured me I'd love it all the way through, and I know she'd never have done it if she thought I couldn't carry it off.  Anyway, after 3 hours, it was ready, and I loved it immediately!

The result was really multi tonal, a great mix of the colours she used, and the many colours already in my hair, which made it look more natural, well if hair this colour could ever be thought of as natural!  Plus, my hair has never felt in better condition or looked so shiny.  I was worried about damage of such a strong colour after a lifetime of dying it, but there's non.  I've been using intense conditioners to help, but my hairs never been so soft, or looked so healthy.

It's strange how something as simple as your hair colour can change the way you think, feel and act.  I immediately felt like a superhero, and was forced to be more confident.  You can't have hair this colour and be a wall flower!  Its a huge difference, but I now can't see me going back to another colour anytime soon.

So, I'm a redhead now, lets go see if redheads have more fun!!  Thanks Nik for doing it, putting up with my stressing and never doubting thast I'd love it!


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