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13 January 2015

STYLE: Tips for Shopping The Sales

If you don’t know, I have my own personal shopping and styling business.  I was building it up before I moved to Cape Town, but it’s been left in the shadows a bit after the hell of 2014 which I mentioned here.  I still have a lot of clients, and work with friends and family, but I aim to get this off the ground again in 2015, so thought I’d combine my knowledge from that with my blog and put together a post on how to shop in the sales.


Check out your wardrobe before you go shopping, look at what gaps you have to work out what you need, look at anything which either doesn’t fit or is looking a bit shabby to work out what you need to replace, and then think about what trend pieces you can add to update your wardrobe.


It’s easy to say don’t get distracted by ‘amazing bargains’ that aren’t on your list, but as a shopaholic who’s also a stylist, even I know this isn’t possible!  Just focus on what is essential, and what budget you have.  The green fur coat might be half price and look great, but if its £100 and you know you’ll only wear it once, it’s an expensive splurge vs the black boots you know you’ll wear 100 times!  I always think if you wouldn’t pay full price for it, why buy it on sale?  I’ve seen so many wardrobes (mine included!) which have items with tags still on, which is a lot of expensive mistakes.  On wardrobe consultations I always add up the amount spent on clothes with tags still on, and it often scares people.  I did this in my own wardrobe first and realised I could have bought the Louboutins I really wanted but couldn’t afford, so now I always 2nd guess what I’m buying and if I’m not sure, walk away, and put the money in my savings pot.  Now I’ve got the money to buy Loubs each year without realising!!


Having said all that, a sensible wardrobe is a boring one!!  Fashion, style and shopping are about fun.  But just know how much fun you can afford!  If you’ve got a certain amount of money you can afford to spend, do buy something crazy.  The green fur coat will always make you smile more than the black boots!!


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