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11 January 2015

EATS - Albert Square Chop House Manchester

I want to make my blog more lifestyle based, and include more non fashion content, plus it's a way to still be able to blog when I can't get outside to take outfit posts!!
Manchester has some of the best restaurants, and I love eating out (and probably do it faaaaaar too much for my waistline and bank balance!) so I'm going to include EATS posts.
Yesterday, I met up with a friend and went to Alberts Chop House, on Albert Square. It’s a place I've always wanted to go, but never bothered. I've been to the other Chop Houses in town, but Alberts had eluded me..... That was until I received a 50% off food offer which I couldn't turn down!!  

The food was amazing. I had the cheese and onion pie and my friend had fish and chips, which both were great and HUGE portions. I think both courses were about £13 at full price, which is on the pricey side for a lunch, but worth it for an evening meal. We paid £36 for the mains (with the 50% off) and a bottle of gorgeous wine, including tip, which wasn't bad, but if we'd paid full price it wouldn't have been expensive.

I'll definitely be back though. A great friend of mine raves about the corned beef hash here (although corned beef hash with an egg on top turns my stomach although he swears it's the best dish he's ever had!), and there's loads of dishes I still want to try.

The 50% deal is available if you sign up to the newsletter here, and I'd definitely recommend going. Food and wine on a Saturday lunch is the perfect way to spend time with friends!!

We also went to the new gastropub in the Northern Quarter, Abel Heywood, which is a cosy bar with a chilled out atmosphere. Drinks are expensive though, £9.60 for 2 bottles of cider, but I guess this is a stand out for a pub with the strap line 'not your ordinary pub'!  Apologies for the lack of pics, by this point, the wine had taken hold!!


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  1. I walk by this everyday and I've always wondered what it's like. It sounds quite nice, I'll have a pop in :)

    Hannah xx


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