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5 July 2012

Burberry Auturm Winter Campaign

As a Brit, Burberry is a label that I always look out for, and I love how Christopher Bailey has transformed it from the 'chav' brand image it obtained in the 90s to not only a modern heritage brand, but one that is coveted around the world. The transition has been cemented by the fact that Burberry has jumped feet first into the social media world, choosing to launch their Autumn Winter campaign via a dozen different social networking sites, complete with video, and a song composed by the hot young musician starring as model, Roo Panes. His co-star in the Burberry campaign, Gabriella Wilde, is one of Britain's most sought-after new actresses, who'll be playing Carrie in the remake of the classic film.

I love the fact that Burberry used London as the backdrop, and love the moody, love story feeling of the shots. In all honesty, I didn't even notice the clothes, or the models, I was just moved by the images (god that sounded so arty farty!).  The video is just a beautiful, but I'd happily live in a black and white world so maybe I'm biased!!  Christopher Bailey has again worked his genius!!



  1. burberry is always elegant. and i love their catalogues too. They do something different every series yet in a way reflects the brand's spirit too.


  2. Great pictures!
    I love your blog.

    Love, joyce

  3. The last pic is super cool!
    Nice blog here, wanna follow each other?

  4. Thank you so much! Wow, amazing pictures!

  5. I love their autumn 2012 accessories collection! Some of the bags and the shoes are amazing!
    I am now following you, hope you follow back xx

  6. wow! i love it!


  7. Looks good :)

    xxx Sanne

  8. hi dear,I just love ur blog and great photos too! So i just followed u thru gfc, hope u too.. <3


  9. I always really like black and white photos with fog in them, so I find these pretty neat. Thanks for sharing! :D

  10. Super cute dear! Following you on Bloglovinand GFC! Hope you'll follow me back! <3

  11. Thank you so much for your sweet and useful comment on my blog. I'm tired of all the people saying just "cute!". It's nice when you checking out your comments to see that someone left a great, meaningful comment like yours. It means that someone reads the text between the photos. Thanks again. :)
    And you are right, I would live in a black&white would too. Everything seems perfect in those photos. First you see the whole photo and after that you can see the models. It's a genius work of art! :)



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