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9 September 2015

LIFE: KokoCouture Blogger Event

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Koko Couture Blogger event by the lovely guys at Manchester fashion Industry, which was at the lovely Tea 4/2 in Manchester, to showcase their new line of hair extensions and 1/2 head wigs.  In my younger days, I had extensions and hair pieces in every colour under the sun (cringing at the bright red pony tail I used to wear!), so I was excited to try this again. 

I arrived on my own at Tea 4/2 and was late after being stuck in traffic on the M62 (my daily bind). One of my favourite things about being a blogger in Manchester is the feeling of community.  Walking into a place knowing no one, and leaving having spoken to some great girls, is a fab feeling. Tea 4/2 is a cute little cafe/restaurant which I've been to many times, and was great venue for this event with amazing cocktails and cute cake aplenty.

Anyway, back to the point of the evening!  Koko Couture were showcasing their new range of hair pieces.  My hair is extremely thin, and no matter how much product I use, its impossible to get any sort of volume, so I was excited about the opportunity to have thicker and longer locks.  My hair is a very grown out ombre (roll on Saturday when I get it done again), but is very high dyed and very white compared to my natural hair which is quite dark.  Because of this, the strip extensions were impossible to match, so a half wig was suggested.  I love wigs, but had never heard of a half wig, so, willing to try anything and take advice from the experts, I let the lovely girls from Koko Couture loose on my locks.  The half head wig is attached by internal combs just above the crown, and so is matched to your root colour, and the front of your hair styled to cover the joins.  As the front of my hair is very blonde, the join was more obvious on my hair, but seeing as I had my trusty fedora with me, once that was on it looked fab!

The hair feels very natural, and in all honesty, I spent most of the evening looking at the other girls, wondering who had hair pieces in, and who had their natural hair!  I'll definitely be trying other styles and colours once I've decide what my next hair doo will be.  There were some amazing, bright strip extensions in natural hair which I'd love to use.  The world is my hair oyster!!

Thank you to the lovely ladies at Koko Couture for an amazing evening, and for my new locks and amazing clutch bag.  I was well and truly spoilt.



  1. Really great post! Was lovely to meet you at this event, you're hair is looking fab ;)
    Sophie x

    1. You too Sophie, hopefully see you soon x

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