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5 January 2015

Turning The Page, Starting A New Book

My last post was in March 2014, where I swore to get back into blogging after a year hiatus and well, it never happened. 2014 was a pretty crap year for me. I was stuck in a job I hated, which was long hours and loads of shit, which meant blogging was the last thing on my mind, all I wanted was to veg with a glass of wine in the evenings and at weekends! On top of that I was having problems in my personal life, fell out with someone very close to me and one of my best friends committed suicide, all in the last 6 months.

I spent a lot of time moping, not knowing what to do, but 2015 is a new start. Things are on the up. My personal life has turned a corner (if there was anything good about 2014, it was realising how amazing my friends are), I've got a new job which I think I'll love in the music industry and I'm determined to do stuff for me, which includes getting my blog back up and running and getting a business idea I've had for ages off the ground. Sometimes you need to experience lows to realise what highs you can have, and that's what 2015 is going to be for me, something that I can look back on and say I tried.

So, Just Dee is back in business. I'm moving it into more of a lifestyle blog, which'll be a mix of my loves of fashion, music, travel and food and drink!

 I never stepped out of the blogging world, I'm always reading my fave blogs and keeping in contact with my blogging friends, so, I'm hoping jumping back in and writing won't be too difficult. So, bare with me whilst I sort my place in the blogging sphere, but I'm determined to do this cos I love it this time, not cos I feel like I have to to keep a foot in the fashion 

Here's to 2015!


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