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7 March 2013

Back with Avengance

The past few weeks have been manic!  We moved back into our new house properly at weekend (after me spending a week cleaning and unpacking) and then I started my new job on Monday, so all in all a little stressful, but a good enough reason to me MIA from blogging.  I'm hoping I can get back into it on a more regular basis now I'm back at my own house (with access to all my clothes and shoes which have been in my Dad's loft for the past year!), although I my tripod has been lost in the abyss of moving so I'll either have to get J to take pics or continue with my Iphone ones for the moment.
Now that I'm back in the land of employment, my thoughts move to shopping!!  I've not had a huge shop for so long so I'm counting down the days til next Friday when I receive my 1st pay check in over a year!  J is happy he doesn't have to fund me anymore and I can't wait to get my independence back.  I know that next Saturday when I start my much looked forward to trawl of the shops of Manchester that I won't be able to find anything I want as that’s just Sod's Law, so the online trawling has already started.  Some friends get married on 1st June so I NEED a new outfit.  I had a black dress in my head and ordered this from River Island, which I thought would look great with some glitter shoes and bag I have already (obviously having no money has made me really frugal!)

But I've just seen this beauty from Frank and Doll online and I'm now torn!

Help!!  Which one do you think is best?  Sleek and classic or bright and summery?

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