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20 February 2013

Wednesday Want Number 13 - Brits Fever

This is my 1st Wednesday Want of 2013, as with 1 thing and another I've either had other posts, been too manic to post at all or in all honesty tried to avoid shopping at all as I've had no money to spend!

Tonight is the Brits and I'm so excited.  Most people find it cheesy, but it reminds me of being at uni in Glasgow and me and my housemate Anto made such a big thing of it one year, that for the next few years, we travelled between London and Manchester to watch it together, usually involving wine!  I know we'll be texting each other tonight all through the show, to gossip!

Therefore, I thought my Wednesday want HAD to be red, white and blue themed in honour of my fave TV night of the year.  Let me know what you think of the Brits... is it just me who gets ridiculously excited................. or is it my strange (and very wrong) crush on Harry Styles which is making me heady with excitement this year?!?!?

These shoes as actually a cheat as they're more like a "Wednesday already ordered and on their way!".  I came across this site when my dad mentioned it to me cos he'd heard of it mentioned on TV.  Spurred on by the fact I might actually be able to afford something (its called everything£5), I was online as quick as a flash and was AMAZED!!  Some of the shoes are awesome, I ordered these and the black pair (here).  I have no ideas what the quality will be like, but for £5 you can't really complain, plus they've got sskulls on so I love them!!

I'm in love with this asos dress (here).  I  saw a girl wearing it on Saturday night and actually asked here where it was from I love it that much!  It also comes in black and red and is only £40.  The white would be perfect for summer, but I think I'll get it in black (surprise, surprise), as I've ggot a hen do next month and a weddding in June, and I think it'll look great for either.  Plus, being back in the UK means being reaqcuainted with all my shoes and handbags so it'll be like 2 whole new outfits at a fraction of thr price!!

I love Virgos Lounge and was amazed to see some of the most beautifully embellished dresses and tops in the 1/2 price sale.  This dress (here) is only £25, which to me seems a steal as the material and detail aree beautiful.  I also love the colour.  I don't normally wear blue unless its on my bottom half or denim as it makes my skin look really sallow, but this is gorgeous.


  1. I sooo love those skull pumps xx

  2. Gaaaa love that white dress! I need it in my life.
    Thank you for sharing your blog via the twitter chat

    Your newest follower


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