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17 August 2012

Stress relieving shopping!!0

So after just over 24 hours travelling door to door, I'm finally at my Dads in Manchester, shattered, but looking forward to a night out with my girls tonight. Today has been pretty stressful. The 2 bridesmaids dresses I have didn't fit, so I've spent the day frantically trying to sort that! The 1st wedding is Sunday and luckily an amazing dressmaker I know sorted my dress this afternoon. The other wedding is 1st September and I'm waiting on a new dress coming from Bluewater. I'm so annoyed, I tried the dress on in Coast before we moved to Cape Town and it fit fine, yet this one won't fasten by about an inch! So I've had to pay another £130 to get the bigger size cos it's out of the refund period, I'm fuming, but what can I do? I'm chief bridesmaid so I can't exactly have no dress!!!! Now just need to pray this one fits!
However, my online packages were waiting for me, so after the bridesmaid dress stress and a 4 hour sleep, I unpacked this little lot! I've missed online shopping since being away, so ordered loads, hoping that I didn't like it all, as I definitely can't afford it all! Luckily, I'm only keeping a studded puplum top and coral shirt from Missguided and a vest from asos which means I've got more to spend when I actually go shopping! There's some logic in there somewhere!
I'm blogging on my iPhone at the mo, and am not sure how to do links, but they'll appear in outfit posts soon, in fact I'm wearing the puplum now for cocktails with the girls and have jus done some pics in the mirror.

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