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20 June 2012

MY:VIEW Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for Stylistpick

I was so excited when I read that from today, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s StyleMint range would be available from Stylistpick.  I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth and James and love to drool over The Row (knowing I’ll NEVER be able to afford anything, or even bring myself to pay that much!), but was somewhat disappointed with the StyleMint range.

Having not heard of this before, I had no preconceptions about the range, but thought it would be as fashion heavy as their other lines, but at a much lower price point.  Yes, some of the pieces are nice, and the prices are great (everything under £25), but I think I’d be buying this to be wearing an Olsen piece, not because it’s amazing.  That said, I do really like the  Benson 2 tone cardigan, but think all of the other pieces could be bought in Primark!  I’ll probably get shot for saying this, as everyone else seems to be raving about it, but that’s the thing about fashion, 1 man’s filth is another man’s fortune! Obviously my opinion is different to Rachel Bilson, Dakota Fanning and Emma Roberts who have all been seen in the range, so I guess the quality is good, which might make it a good buy.

Here’s my fave pieces, but click here to see the full range, what do you think?

Broadway Breton dress £20 - coe in red or classic blue stripe

Benson cardigan £25

Monrovia floral sweat top £20
Selby Dip Hem skirt £20 - also comes in dusky pink

Stylist pick is one of my favourite online stores, I think the entire concept is really novel, but I'd rather chose my own shoes than have a computer programme generate what I "should" wear.  However, the Louise Roe range is to fabulous, so much so that I have the Cabo and Milan pairs myself!  But, I'll probably blog about that in the future.

I've finally recovered from shark diving and the dehydration which I seemed to get from a weekend of drinking pretty much nothing but wine, seasickness and a monster hangover!  Now looking forward to a weekend of making the hubby do what I want after being subjected to 3 hours on a rocky boat, so vineyards (he's driving), museums and art gallerys it is!  Sounds like my kind of compromise!



  1. lovely pieces :)

  2. im really liking this !! x

  3. Ahhh I absolutely LOVE Mary Kate and Ashley. I would actually stalk the living daylights out of them if I could. Truly wish I could afford their The Row stuff too. But love the two grey pieces here, so simple and you can team them up with pretty much anything!

    Gemma x

  4. Interesting.. I love Mary-Kate and Ashley! That last skirt is super cute!

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