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28 June 2012

MY: LOOK Accessories - aholic!

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with accessories, even more so than clothes.  Be it bags (I have 2 huge cardboard boxes full), shoes (I had 179 pairs before being forced to cull loads before moving to Cape Town – my justification is that number includes flip flops, and everyone has loads of flip flops, right?),hats and definitely jewellery…….  I’m normally never seen without loads of bangles!

So, I was ecstatic to see a sale at South African High Street jewellery store Lovisa.  In fact more ecstatic when I was meant to be shopping for work out gear, which is soooooooooo boring, and the fact that the sale was any 3 pieces for R100, which is about £10!  How can you refuse that, especially when if I’d have bought everything full price, it would have been over R1200 (£120 ish).  Here are the pieces which I bought, amazingly there’s only I wrist adornment, but I just loved this cuff.  I really like chunky jewellery, so I had to have these rings; I just need to remember to wear them now.   I always wear my wedding rings, a thumb ring my mum bought me for my 21st and a Gucci ring my hubby bought me for our 1st Christmas together (sentimental I know!), but because they’re always on I always forget to wear others……. Must try harder!!  I’m still not totally sure about the feather necklace and earrings, but I think they might be a great way to smarten up a really casual outfit, I’m thinking jeans, vest and blazer and one of these, just need to do some styling, but sure outfits will appear in future posts.



  1. I love rings! So cute! :)

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  2. Gorgeous leather necklace! Wait you have got me into another craving. no!



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